Das Schiffslogbuch im Januar 2020


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Donnerstag 23.01.2020

Luft 21° Temperatur Wasser 22°


Full-day trip

Dive 1: Fanadir Dacht Dacht

Dive 2: Dorfa El Fanous West

The wind has finally become less today and guides and divers were happy about the milder weather. Its was however still choppy out there on the Red Sea, so we found some nice protected reefs to dive. And so we started with a drift pick up at Fanadir Dacht Dacht and there we had an amazing encounter. During our descent right under us was a huge leopard stingray lying in the sand. We got near him and for a moment he was not disturbed by our presence. We gave him space, but he did eventually get fed up of us and swam away quietly. As the dive went on we enjoyed our surrounding and got lucky again with a passing mangrove whipray, a feathertail stingray lying in the sand, an eagle ray checking on what all the fuss was about and right before our safety stop a turtle swam to us and stayed with us for a few minutes. After this awesome dive we had our lunch enjoyed the sunshine on this lovely day and even dared to do some snorkeling.


Foto: Sven Kahlbrock

We then dove Fanous West as a drift pick up in the hope of seeing dolphins. We did not get lucky with that, but we still had a fun dive spotting a stone fish, another mangrove whipray and at the end another feathertail stingray came to make sure we preformed a good safety stop. So with a day under the sun and amazing memories made under water we went to the diving centre for a celebratory beer at Shaab Stella.


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