Diving for experienced divers

Our daily diving trips (half and full day trips) are conducted with our own boats. Our boat crews are composed of dedicated staff members who have been working with us for several years and are therefore very experienced. Many of our regular guests highly appreciate this experience and knowledge.

As we have several boats at our disposal for our daily diving trips, we have the opportunity to consider the experience of individual divers. This way we can plan our boats specifically for different levels of experience and the selection of dive sites can be arranged with regard to group needs. In this, we  differ greatly from other dive centers where introduction divers up to experienced divers are usually together on one boat.

The dive sites are not determined in advance by us, but rather by our divers in consultation with the instructors as well as the captains.

In addition to our daily diving trips, we offer special tours to the wrecks in the north (Rosalie Moller or the wrecks of Abu Nuhas) or the more remotely located reefs in the Safaga area (Panorama Reef and Abu Kafan). As these tours also depend on general weather conditions, we can only plan these trips on short term with appropriate participation.

We also offer night dives. Depending on participation, we offer special diving trips once or twice a week. The ifs and whens are decided on short term on site. We carry out night dives as a third dive on a full day trip. The departure for these special trips changes according to the season between 9a.m. and 9:30a.m. The return to the diving center will be between 8:00p.m. and 9:00p.m. On these trips, our boat crew offers in addition to the lunch also dinner on the boat.

The offered buffet lunch on our boats has already become fond highlight in each day of diving for many of our guests. Non-diving companions are also welcome on board.

For further information check our detailed price list or our web shop where we offer a discount on online booking.

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