Diving for beginners

For less experienced divers or divers who were not diving for a long time or divers who just received their diving certification we created ideal conditions. We offer half day trips which are starting later than full day trips including just one dive.

Every day we have several boats in operation. On our full day trips our guests appreciates it very much that we have the opportunity to plan the boats with a consideration of the divers experience. Compared to other diving centers we can plan the service of our boats individually to the experience of our divers so that divers with the same level of experience will share a boat.

For divers who were not diving for a long time or for divers with little experience we offer a special service. Our “pool check” starts from the shore in shallow water and the diver can easily  get again a feeling for breathing under water while performing some basic diving skills with one of our instructors. This experience is usually made before the half day trip starts.

For further information check our detailed price list or our web shop where we offer a discount on online booking.

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