Our Staff

All employees of James & Mac are a success factor for your successful diving vacation. This important estate of outstanding employees are aware. Every business has the chance to stand out from its competitors with almost the same products and services through highly qualified and highly motivated employees in the company. We would like to introduce you our “key cogs” in daily basis now like to end here.

Sabrina: Center Manager
Sanne: Assist. Manager
Helle: Assist. Manager
Nicole: Office
Sabina: Office
Aaron: Dive Guide
Ameli: Dive Guide
Andrej: Dive Guide
Cedric: Dive Guide
Christoph: Dive Guide
Flavia: Dive Guide
Katharina: Dive Guide
Khaled: Dive Guide
Pernille: Dive Guide
Petra: Dive Guide
Sascha: Dive Guide
Ute: Dive Guide
Yvonne: Dive Guide
Ahmed Shazly: Center Staff
Ali Sayed: Center Staff
Allah: Center Staff
Ibrahim: Center Staff
Mahmoud Allah: Center Staff
Mohamed C.: Center Staff
Mohamed S.: Center Staff
Ramadan: Center Staff
Sayed: Center Staff
Shaban: Center Staff
Ramadan: Center Staff
Tarek: Center Staff

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