Questions and Answers

Do I have to dive the pre-booked dive package in a row?

No, you can dive the full-day trips of the package whenever you want during your holiday.

What happens if I miss a dive or a complete full day trip of my pre-booked package because I am sick ?

Even if you miss one dive or a complete full-day trip because you are sick, the package is still cheaper comparing to the local prices. If it is a really severe disease or you can’t dive any longer we definitely will find a solution. In this case we normally cancel the package and take the transferred money as a deposit.

What happens if I book a dive package but have to cancel ?

In this case please write us a short email with your bank details. If you cancelled the whole trip we will transfer the amount of the dive package back (minus 10 Euro) to you (if you paid by Pay Pal we have to charge you 2% to 4%).

Is it possible to book and pay the dive package when I am already in Hurghada ?

Sorry, this is not possible. When you are already in the center you can’t book a package for the reduced online price. Only the local price list is valid in the center.

Is it possible to start with a full-day trip if I have been diving with J&M before and if I am an experienced diver ?

In most cases this will be possible. We will have a look into your logbook and decide together with you. Just book your dive package and we will charge you extra 18 € at the end of your holidays for the additional dive (e.g. if you booked a 9 ½ day dive package, we will extend it to a 10 days package).

Is it possible to divide a pre-booked full-day trip into two half-day trips ?

Not in general, apart from the following exception: You can change max. 2 full-day trips from your pre-booked package into 4 half-day trips. Therefore we will charge you 18,- € per changed full-day trip.

May I use my J&M Dive Card / Dive-Visa together with a dive package ?

Sorry, not on the pre-booked dive package, but you can use it for rental equipment or additional dive days.

What is more useful to me – to use the J&M Dive Card / Dive-Visa or should I pre-book ?

The cheaper version is pre-booking your dive package, because you get a discount up to 15% (depending on the size of the package). The Dive Card / Dive-Visa is more flexible, because you can decide during your holiday how many dives you like to do, so you pay only the dives you actually made with a 10% discount of the Dive Card / Dive-Visa.

Why is always a half-day trip included in the package ?

Your first day of diving in your holiday should always be a half-day trip as a “back to the sea again” dive. It is good for you to have the chance of an easy and relaxed dive in the beginning and to get into the topic of scuba diving again. It also gives us an idea of your diving experience. This helps us to make an ideal arrangement for the following dive days for you.

Shared use of a pre-booked dive package by parents with infants (exceptional case!).

There is the possibility to share a pre-booked dive package in case both parents are diving, with the following solutions:
1. Both parents join the boat trip and share the dive day (one dive each), so they can take turns caring for the child.
2. One parent stays with the child in the hotel and the other parent goes diving. The next day they swap.

How old is the medical statement for diving allowed to be ?

The latest local regulations say that those who want to dive in the Red Sea have to fulfill the following conditions: You have to have a valid dive certificate, a logbook and a medical statement not older than two years ( if you are aged 40 + it is valid for one year only). And you have to have a special insurance for diving accidents (e.g. DAN or AquaMed). Changes in your medical condition might require a current examination.

What kind of valves do your tanks have ?

All tanks have a DIN-valve, but we also have adapters from INT to DIN.

What do I do with the dive-equipment in the center and on the boats ?

Because boxes are stiff and open on top, we decided to use dive bags which carry all the equipment. They can be closed and are easier to stow away and are much “friendlier” to the diver’s toes.

How do I get my digital photos from a rental camera?

We can copy your photos on your USB device, a SD card etc.